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30th May, 2018
IT Futsal - 11th May
On Friday 11th May 2018, Pentagon took 7 members to United Sports Club, Infopark Kakkanad to play in the IT Futsal tournament against TCS, Kakkanad. It was an excellent day and the PentaFC team represented themselves and the Company especially well. With 7 members in the team, Tony, Binoy, Nivil, Sanoop, Jobin, Sajith (GK) and Praveen, it was a great opportunity for our young energetic players to lead themselves and all the team members showed a great level of independence. The PentaFC team played very well topping their group, highlighting Sanoop's goal, and unfortunately losing for a few goals in the last minutes, but played with wisdom well beyond their energy.
Housewarming Party - 13th May
Pentagon congratulated Mr Varun Venu & family who moved into a new house on 13th May 2018. Colleagues visited the home and witnessed the ceremonies and joined with the happiness of the family.
New Joinees
Aswathy Praneesh (May 14th) and Rose Mary Jose (May 15th) joined Pentagon family to fulfil the respective open positions in SEO section. Pentagon cared this opportunity to make a good first impression with the new hire, so happy to welcome them and made them feel comfortable at Pentagon.
Seminar - 17th May
An hour session on “Gateway To Financial Freedom” by Adv. Mr. Manoj, Hedge School of Applied Economics. Miss. Rose Mary Jose introduced the team to the event. The session chair Adv. Mr. Manoj started the session with the financial key strategies.
Passive income planning to sustain a great lifestyle

He headed the session to realistic investment plans and suggested an investment of minimum 30% of the monthly income to attain the SMART action plan. He introduced the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), a monthly investment strategy based on the law of averaging that can benefit an ordinary individual to make huge savings for the future.


He suggested to skip the thought of Income-Expense = Investment strategy and to focus on the strategy of SMART goals and SIP to move towards the most desired quadrants. “Wealth, Health and Love are the factors that lead to a successful life”, Mr Manoj added.

Pentagon was happy to appreciate Mr. Manoj and his crew from Hedge School of Applied Economics for a spending quality time with us and to express our vote of gratitude towards them a memento was presented to the team by Mr Sajith Kumar and the conclusion note was delivered by Priya Tomy.

Creating a value-based financial plan

Adv. Manoj started his session by quoting Robert T Kiyosaki’s concept of ESBI. By categorizing people into Employed, Self Employed, Business, and Investors on a quadrant he discussed the people in each quadrant, specified first two quadrants to active income and the other two to passive income, and figured out in which quadrant we find ourselves and how can we move to the most desired quadrants.

He mentioned about the SMART strategy in setting a goal; the goal should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound.

Managing Cash Flow and Strategies on how to minimize tax legally

By budgeting and monitoring the expenses an individual can manage the cash flow safely. Insurance, share markets and mutual funds are legal measures that can help in reducing the tax expense of an individual. Hence one can minimize the expense and invest more for the future benefits.

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Office Meeting - 25th May
Discussions and planning on celebrating the Annual Day of Pentagon, sharing of football tournament experience by the team, Discussion on the performance of each team were the main agenda of the meeting.
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